Go Bananas for Moisture

Go Bananas for Moisture

Prevent the summer hair scare with – well, bananas in there.

Two words: Moisture. Retention.

Three more: Dry summer hair.

If you’re like me, you’re hanging around the pool all summer long. Some might call me a pool brat. Point is: I need a pool fast any day of the summer months.

The only problem is that my hair stands closer toward the ‘hate’ side of the love/hate relationship with summer water fun. I know why the good Lord made lakes, pools, and oceans such natural enemies of my natural hair: if such waters never damaged my hair, I’d become a beach bum and never get out of the water. (In other words, I might not work so hard to achieve greater things in life.)

Ever the balancing act striver that I instead am, in order to deserve much pool time, I must appropriately steward the amazing hair that God gave me. And so, onto summer hair care.

First: Lots of Moisture

You’d think all that water would keep my hair on top of its moisture needs – but nope. Oppositely, all that water fun is actually drying out both my skin and hair. Unfortunately my hair gets the harder-to-healthily maintain end of the stick, and higher chances of longer term damage, of course.

So to counteract the salt- and chlorine-soaked waters, purified water is my essential must. To start reversing the summer hair scare, I exchange the bad water for the good stuff – I buy gallons of purified water if I’m in a vacation location where I can’t be sure they’ve got soft water, and I’ve done bottled water too, when necessary.

Next: Moisture Retention

You guessed that we’re talking bananas here. In the summer, it’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll go overboard with the amount of conditioner I put in my strands – but I don’t care: my hair not only needs extras when I’m working it so hard for my selfish sun fun; but I also need to pour on the extra love in return for how much joy my healthy hair brings me in life. So, bring on the bananas.

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Recipe for Detangling

Recipe for Detangling Strands

What I’m working with: Hair that goes super curly when wet. Gone are the days of me letting any hair stylists or hair hobbyist touch my hair on detangling day. Despite their claims of knowing how to healthily maintain my type of hair, they don’t seem to have the right detangling products, or gentle combing technique that works for curly, fine hair.

What I like: Since I don’t comb my curly hair every day, I like it to not have to be a big production when I do. I just want easy detangling. My hair cooperates well with the right products.

What works for me:

My all-time favorite ingredients: I’ve found that just about any creamy Bear Fruit Hair conditioning cleanser or conditioner helps detangle my hair fantastically. If I’m looking to maintain curl definition after cleansing and conditioning, I absolutely love marshmallow root in either my cleanser/conditioner – though I’m 100% sure I’m partial to it because I like the sound of marshmallow.

I find it really easy to detangle my hair quickly, so, if I do go to the hair stylist, you’ll find that I’ve already washed and detangled my hair for them.

What else I try: I’ll create a light shea butter deep conditioner from time to time, though I love using olive oil – lots of it – during times when I put extra-luxurious effort into caring for my strands. I’ll grab an avocado conditioner (another of my favorites), for example, and add olive oil to it.

‘Course, by that time, I’ve forgotten all about detangling (that part happened so quickly), and have become obsessed with treating my hair so luxuriously all over again.

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