Hair care myths

Hair Care Myths and Facts

Let’s get right down to some downright hair care myths, and facts, shall we?

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

Nope, it doesn’t.

Split ends can be repaired

If by repaired, you mean strands that were damaged but are now no longer damaged – er, no. Once damaged, always damaged in the case of our strands, except when they’re cut off. No ifs, ands, or you-knows. There are tons of products available, however, that can serve as, well, glues, in a sense. These can artificially put strands back together temporarily, even giving them greater strength than normal, but once these products are washed out or worn off, you’re back to the same, if not more so, damaged strands.

Brushing hair makes it healthier/shinier

It doesn’t – it actually leads to split ends. Detangle and style your hair, but don’t brush if it’s not needed. Brushing can help distribute oils down the hair strands, which causes the hair to look shinier, but simply applying any oils/products using your hands is better for your hair.

Taking vitamins can help it grow faster/longer

What about herbs, vitamins, hair products, faster growth during summer, or what about when you’re pregnant? It’s certainly possible, but you’d have to be hopped up on a lot of something in order for hair to grow more quickly. For example, during pregnancy, estrogens extend the hair’s growing cycle, making you lose hair at a slower than normal rate — which leads to thicker hair. Hair conditioners and moisturizers don’t make hair grow faster, though Bear Fruit Hair ingredients are geared toward helping retain moisture and healthy hair. We wouldn’t suggest doing anything to purposely try to make your hair grow more quickly. Chances are, you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s perhaps likely that you could cause long-term risk to your scalp and your body’s chemical balance by using pills or an overabundance of other things. Overuse of natural items can even put you at risk, or simply have no beneficial effect beyond what your body normally requires. What your body doesn’t flush out could cause overdose in your system. Good health helps your hair grow at its regular rate, though even the best health cannot cause it to grow faster than normal. Now put down the pills…slowly.

Washing frequently keeps it healthy

It can certainly help keep your hair and scalp clean, which prevents clogged scalp pores and dryness – which is indeed healthy living. But too frequent cleansing will also cause dryness. So pay attention to your hair’s needs.