• After my hairdresser washed, deep conditioned with a protein conditioner, then put in the Desert Castor Moisturizer, I did a roller set. Wow and Fabulous!! My hair was soooo soft, manageable, no tangles, and yes, I finally had terrific SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!!! I usually have to do a soft blow dry because the hair is still difficult to handle with my previous leave in conditioner even after deep conditioning. Well, goodbye to that bottle as I am on my way to return that $45 bottle back today, and hello to Bear Fruit!!!
    Janice-New Jersey
  • I am so happy I found this product, or it found me! This is the only conditioner/cleansing conditioner that works for me. I used to have to wash my hair several days before wanting to style it because the products I was using made my hair so dry, even the thickest/ salon conditioners that promised moisture. Now I can wash/condition my hair and add the peppermint leave-in and even let my hair AIR DRY and it looks shiny, healthy, and styles perfectly. I am getting used to being able to wash my hair multiple times a week and it doesn’t look dry or damaged. My husband even notices the difference. Your product has solved one of my beauty regimens. Thank you.
  • I love, love, love your brand. You offer natural products at great prices. I have used other quality moisturizers, but the slip of the leave-in is unlike anything I have experienced with any other product - even those that contain 'cones. I gave a small sample to one of my friends down here in the Virgin Islands and she was shocked by how moisturizing it is... Your customer service is excellent. I tried to order something and your website, like many others, charged international shipping rates instead of U.S. rates, even though the Virgin Islands is part of the U.S. Instead of saying that you could not change it, ignoring my email or other negative response, you actually changed the rates on your website to the correct U.S. shipping rates. That was phenomenal! Being erroneously treated as an intentional destination is one of the biggest gripes of people who live here, so that fact that you address my issue was not only shocking, but a superb response. It took me a few months, but I eventually placed that order and have been very happy with Bear Fruit ever since. Also, I later came to find out (from reading YouTube comments and various natural hair websites) that you have a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
  • I decided to go natural about 3 months ago and ran across your site while trying to find products to use on my hair as well as my daughter. I am so happy that I found your products before I spent hundreds of dollars searching for the right product. I can truly say that I love, love, love the African Export Leave-In. I am trying a cleansing conditioner this time too. I can't wait to use it. Lastly, I must say that my husband reminded me to repurchase the leave-in because he used half of it on his hair and now he says his hair isn't as soft as it was when he was using it.
  • This product is AMAZING! Leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized, not greasy at all. The product absorbs into my hair very well, which is great for my extremely DRY hair. My hair has never felt soooo SOFT! AND it smells AMAZING!!!! It also gave my twist-out GREAT definition, which is great (I can finally get rid of my gel LOL!) This is by far THE BEST product i have ever used on my natural hair, and i didn't have to add a thing! You have a customer for life!
  • The Desert Moisturizer is an AMAZING product. Instantly my hair felt soft. I also have a beautiful, healthy shine to my hair. My coils were defined. I still had the bounciness (like a slinky) to my hair and soft-hair with NO SHRINKAGE!!! I am so loving this product. I live in Ohio; its February and its cold. So dry, brittle and hard to manage hair that will revert back is what the cold weather brings. I know it says 'Desert Moisturizer' but it works in extremely cold conditions also. Thank you so much for products that are formulated with our natural curly, textured and tight coils in mind. I love Bear Fruit.
    -Cold in Ohio
  • Thank you for products. I am slowly seeing a tremendous difference in health and feel of my hair.
  • Where do I start? The Desert Moisturizer leaves my naturally curly, thick curls soft, moisturized and just fantastic. I have found a product that keeps my hair looking and feeling good. Thanks a lot. I'm buying a few more bottles at once to keep on hand.
  • I use a Ginger Macadamia Conditioner as my go-to for deep conditioning. It is the perfect moisturizing DC for my hair and makes my scalp feel great, too. I leave it on for an hour and my hair is detangled and moisturized. Just perfect!!
  • I finally got a chance to use the Shea Almond Coconut Deep Conditioner......WONDERFUL!!! I washed my hair this morning and it looks and feels just like I went to the salon. I hope you kept the recipe for my special concoction cause I'm going to need more in the future.
  • I wanted to send this message after the first time that I applied my Pistachio Cream Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, but I wanted to wait and see what would happen. I anticipated only great things after the first application--and I was right! My hair has not been this soft, moisturized, supple and easy to detangle, in some time (even with raw Shea butter)! I also purchased a few other products. I was also able to just use water to re-hydrate my hair and reactivate the product. I have shared these products with my Facebook friends and I cannot wait to try MORE of your line.
  • My hair feels remarkably soft with this product...I am in love!